New Years Resolutions

Fresh Start

The new year is all about a fresh start which I think is important for all of us occasionally. I think it’s really necessary for me, at this stage of my life, to set goals in different areas of my life to live a fuller life, so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon of new years resolutions. I’ve wanted to improve myself, just like many people do, for some time. This just seemed like a good time! So here are my New Years Resolutions and Goals Related to Each One.

Healthier Me

I’ve learned that one of the worst feelings in the world is trying on some article of clothing, that you love, only to find out that it’s too small. I wanted to wear an old bridesmaids dress that I wore about 2 years ago for a special event. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t zip up all the way. I already knew that I wanted to start eating healthier and working out more often, but this clothes-not-fitting nonsense has confirmed it! I have had an on and off relationship with this type of lifestyle where I’m working out almost every day and eating really well. It is a lot easier to be lazy, but the outcomes affect your self-esteem and energy levels as well as your physical state. I’m already a generally happy person, but when I am taking care of myself, I see a major difference in my attitude.

My New Years goal in this area is to

  • plan out healthy meals weekly
  • Exercise at least 4 days a week
  • Wake up at around 7:30 to start my day

Being more Adventurous

I have found myself getting into too much of a routine and I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I do love routine, but not for everything. I want to try new things or just do more. I’ve been feeling like my life has been mundane and the past couple of years have just blurred together. So I’m going to get more involved in my community or just do something fun at least once a week.

My new years goal in this area is to

  • do something “off-routine” at least once a week
  • Visit a new place in the area at least 2 times a month

Start a new hobby

Learning new things stimulates your brain. It helps with decision making and it makes a person more unique. The question “what are you passionate about?” has come up a lot in the past couple of months and it has bothered me to no end! There was nothing that I could think of that I was truly passionate about. I decided to pick up blogging (obviously 😉) because I’ve always liked keeping a record of everything. Writing things down, in general, was fun for me, but only if it was something I got to pick out. Writing a paper in school was awful. Anywho, I want to try other things, so I’m going to see if there are any other hobbies that I may enjoy.

My New Years goal in this area is to

  • Write 3 blog posts a week
  • Try a new hobby for a month at a time every month

I think those are a solid 3 resolutions. If you have any New Years resolution ideas that you would like to share with me comment down below! I’d love to hear some different ones.

Also, if you think that you would want to participate in this journey with me, I’m all for keeping each other accountable! You can sign up for my email list here!

Resolution Accountability!

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