How to Live with Your Parents

I’m at a point right now where I’m still trying to figure out what my future holds. I think it’s really important to remember for me personally and for you that when we’re in this place of planning something we don’t have much control over, that we don’t stress too much. That’s a really hard thing to do when I live with my parents. The independent bug is scratching at my insides and I just want to get out of there! Disclaimer: I really do love my parents, but this baby bird is ready to spread her wings.

Having your own space

As an adult who lives with her parents, there are times when you still feel like a kid. Having your own space is really important. Of course, you have your own room (hopefully), but there are times when you need a little extra. You can’t just sit around in your room all day. I also live with three of my siblings, so it’s often hard to get my own space. I love being around them, but sometimes I need to take a break. Most of my family doesn’t wake up until 8:30ish, so I have woken up earlier and had breakfast to myself. I’ll be honest, I’ve enjoyed sleeping in lately. It is a really beneficial way to start your day, which brings us to our next point.

Taking care of yourself

It’s really important to not slack off when it comes to taking care of yourself. When I do a spa day or take myself out for some tea (I’m not a coffee fan), I feel a lot better about myself. Spending money on yourself could be difficult when you know that you could be saving that money for moving out eventually. If you think about it, what is more important: being bummed out because your life sucks or spending an extra $30 a month on yourself? It may sound a little selfish, but it’s really not. You don’t even have to spend that much. There are a bunch of free things that you could do (I’ll do a blog post on that later). Just find out what fits your budget. You could even save up a couple bucks from each paycheck, then have a “treat yo self” day!

Embrace your freedom!

Remember you are an adult. It is respectful to let your parents know if you’re going to be out late (remember they’re letting you stay at their house), but enjoy being able to stay out late! You can (probably) drink legally. You don’t have to hide booze from your parents. You can drive yourself to wherever. You can meet your friends for a cocktail. Sometimes, you’ve got to have an adult conversation with your parents about boundaries. Hopefully, they will respect your space. However, don’t be rude. Your parents love you and want you to be successful! They just want the best for you, so don’t ruin a relationship.


Getting out of the house to be on my own is really helpful for me. It makes me feel more productive. I still love my parents and have a great relationship with them. If you have any other helpful tips for living with your parents, please comment them down below!

It helps to know that you're not alone when you're living with your parents as an adult.

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  1. When you ask “[W]hat is more important: having a better outlook on life, or spending an extra $30 a month on yourself?”, what are you getting at? I would think the former is better, but you seem to be advocating for the latter as if they don’t go together. I’m just trying to understand.

    1. I SEE! Yes, I’ll change that. My bad..

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