How to be Happy and Single on Valentine’s Day

Is that even possible? Personally, I don’t mind being single most of the time. However, I am a human female and sometimes, like other human females, I wish I had a mate. When February comes around, it’s impossible to go to a store without seeing chocolate hearts and overpriced stuffed animals. We can’t avoid it by staying at home, unless we’re also hiding under a rock, because it’s all over the internet and media to rub it in our faces. What are we supposed to do?

It is really difficult sometimes to be happy and single on Valentine's Day of all else, but it's possible!

There is Hope

First, we need to own up to the fact that we are single. You might be thinking “I know I’m single, what is there to own up to?” Maybe I should rephrase that. You need to accept that you are single on Valentines Day. Don’t have that expectation that you’re going on a cute and romantic date. Once you clear that expectation, a huge load is taken off! Of course, it’s easier said than done, but there’s a reason I’m telling you this. The more hope you have towards something, the harder it’s going to hurt when that hope is not met.

Now what?

It still sucks to be single on Valentine’s Day, so what now? Well, I’ve noticed that we, singles, just want to feel appreciated. If you just find someone(s) to spend the day with, the day will go a lot better. I’m going to hang out with my girlfriends who are also single and we’re just appreciating each other. We’re calling it Galentines Day. Disclaimer: I know that’s fromParks and Rec, that’s totally 100% where we got the idea from.

If you’re truly alone and don’t have any other single friends, then you should just appreciate yourself! You could splurge on yourself a little bit. The money you would spend on someone else, you could spend on yourself. Some ideas may include:

  • Buying yourself chocolates and flowers
  • Getting something really delicious to go (unless you’re prepared to be in the midst of the happy couples)
  • Going to the spa
  • Watch a movie while curled up in pajamas with a big blanket and some wine
  • Get a dog (or stuffed animal) and snuggle with it
  • Do something you’ve been wanting to do (puzzle, paint, etc.)
  • Support small businesses by getting a dessert from a local bakery
  • Explore your town! Go somewhere that you’ve never gone before
  • Pretend you’re a photographer and take pictures of anything and everything
  • Play dress up

Basically, Valentine’s Day is just another day. There are people out there who were living the single life for a long time. Now is just not your time. Remember that your life isn’t over due to you being single. Just embrace it and make life fun for yourself!


Question: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day or what has been your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

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