Room Tour | How I Fit my Crap into my Small Room

I just moved into a new room and I want to show off the parts that I like about it!

Room Tour!

This weekend has been rough. I haven’t had the internet at my new house and I’ve been so busy that I didn’t have any time to work on a post for Monday. I’m trying my hardest to do at least 1 post every week. That hasn’t worked very well, unfortunately. Yet, I’m still going to try, because I love it. Now that I’m mostly settled, I can spend more time on my blog!

Moving is difficult. Everyone knows that, but I think you don’t realize how difficult until you actually experience it for yourself! My room is now functioning, but keep in mind I just moved in. I haven’t had a chance to personalize it. That, we’ll save for another blog post down the road. I’ll be honest. My room is still just a tad messy, so I just took pictures of my favorite parts of the room. I’m still trying to find places for everything! 😖


The first thing I want to show you is my closet. It’s not a typical “girl-sized” closet (if ya know what I mean). I managed to get all of my clothes in there with these wonder hangers. I also got the thin velvet hangers to make more room. My favorite thing is this dresser type thing that’s barely visible due to all of the clothes, but it stores a lot! I have all of my hair, makeup, and other beauty products in there.

It's hard to find room for all of my clothes in my closet. This is not a typical girl sized closet, but I managed because of the wonder hangers.
(These are the same hangers I got and they seem to work pretty well)


Next on the list are the bookshelves. I don’t have a lot of books (clearly), but I like having space to put stuff. I didn’t have anywhere else to put my shoes, so I put them on display on my bookshelf. Then the other one is for other stuff. I do have some books on there. The top shelf is dedicated to candles (I love candles). I’ll probably get more now that I have a better space for them!

I put bookshelves in my room because they can be handy for lots of things, not just books.


Nail Polish!

I have a good sized collection of nail polish… That just means that I can have any color nail polish that I want! The ones that are on the side are glittery! The only issue is that I’m not very good at making decisions, so that aspect is always kind of difficult. It’s not just nail polish on here, though, there’s a picture of my name that I made like 5 years ago. I got the hippo from my brother for Christmas a while ago, because he used to call me a hippo. I love giraffes and my grandmother gave me a card with them, and I love it. The picture frame with the turtles I got from VA Beach forever ago, and the picture is me with a wild tortoise that I met in Niger, Africa. I thought the picture fit the frame nicely.

I love this nail polish stand in my room. I like how it's color coordinated and beautiful and I love that I have a lot of options when I want to paint my nails.


This is just a nice decoration to make my room seem less cluttered. I had all these purple mason jars and I have no idea what to do with them and there isn’t any room in our cupboard for them, so I just put them on my windowsill. If you have any ideas, feel free to let me know what you got!

I put these in my bed room window for decoration and I love them.

These are the same mason jars that I have.

Last, but not least…

My roommate got a puppy! Her name is Darla and she’s a Great Dane. She’s only 9 weeks old, so she isn’t super big yet. Yesterday, we found out that she was 26 lbs. I just want to show the world how cute she is. So here ya go!

Darla likes my bed in my room because she can get on it without help.



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  1. I love those purple jars! So pretty. Maybe you could put pens in them. Or use them for a gratitude jar or something. 🙂

    1. Yeah! I like the idea of a gratitude jar! I might do that. Thanks!

  2. I love the nail polish and pup! looks like a great room!!

  3. What an organized room 🙂 I have a puppy too. Does he sleeps in your room?

    1. No… I wish! She’s my roommate’s dog, so she sleeps with her.

  4. I like the way you organized your nail polishes. You can see all the colors with one glance.

    1. Yeah! I love it! (:

  5. That puppy is adorable!! I hope you are enjoying your new place 🙂

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