What the Heck, Allergies?!

Spring is such a lovely time of year. Flowers are blooming and warm weather is arriving. However, in central Virginia, the pollen count is really high. Almost everyone gets some sort of allergy reaction in the Spring. I will say mine aren’t as bad as other people, and I didn’t even get allergies until about 2 years ago. But these itchy eyes and sneezing 5 times every hour are driving me crazy!! Yesterday, my eyes were red because they’ve been so itchy. This morning I woke up with really puffy eyes and a stuffed nose. It just never ends.

Except it does end! (Thank the Lord) Hopefully, it will end sooner rather than later. In the meantime and in between time, I want to share what I’ve done to deal with this stupid thing.

How I Deal with Allergies

In the morning, I take an allergy pill. I’m not really sure if it works, but I keep going anyway. I also put coconut oil on my eyes because that’s what I have on hand. Also, coconut oil seems to work miracles for everything. I will say that it does work for at least 4 hours. I think my skin just gets dry around my eyes so it becomes even itchier.

My sister says that she puts green tea bags on her eyes and she hasn’t had itchy eyes at all this year. She has had a stuffed nose though. It’s something that I’m very willing to try, but I keep forgetting or I’m too busy to get some green tea. I will be getting some soon though.

Spring is such a lovely time of year. Flowers are blooming and warm weather is arriving. The allergies that come with it are awful.

Sorry for making a shorter post this week, My plans fell through for the one I was going to do this week, but I’m saving it for hopefully next week! So stay tuned! My question for you is: Do you have seasonal allergies or any allergies? If so, how do you deal with them?


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