How do you Make Life Choices?

*disclaimer* This post is basically like brain barf. I need to process through some things and I thought maybe someone else would benefit from this.


My rant from a week ago…

When I was younger, I would set goals for myself. Then I would make little goals to help accomplish the bigger goal. When you’re stuck on something, that seems to be a good way to get out of it. Say you wanted to lose 50 pounds. You would make little goals such as eating a salad every day, doing X-amount of workouts in X amount of time, etc. That just makes sense. In case you didn’t notice I’m a very sensible person. So what the heck do you do if you don’t know what your end goal is?

I am 23 years old, and I don’t have any idea what I want to do with my life. I don’t have any aspirations, I like to try everything that’s interesting enough, but it takes a lifetime to accomplish anything. There aren’t an abundance of lifetimes handed to you on a gold platter so that you can try everything out in order to know which one is the best. How do you figure out what your career is going to be when you’re 18 years old?

My whole life, I’ve been told what to do or what to think. Now, I’m supposed to make my own decisions, but then it’s too difficult and I get overwhelmed. Then I take a minute (or a couple months) to redirect my focus to take on the challenge of life. And the cycle starts all over. How do you carry on from that? How do you make a final decision without thinking maybe that’s not right and start from scratch?

Answering my own Question:

I’m still having a hard time figuring out the perfect answer, but I have a couple of options now. I think my issue is that I need accountability, but I don’t want to have to rely on someone to help myself get somewhere in life. Even though that’s exactly what I was saying I wanted before. Clearly, I don’t know exactly what I want because I keep switching it up!

I’ve learned that you just have to pick something and go with it. I know that I’m going to get bored or overwhelmed, but I just need to push through that wall. So that’s what I’m going to do. I just need to do something proactive. Here we go for the next round of trying something new. Let’s hope I keep up with it.


This post is basically like brain barf for my life. I need to process through some things and I thought maybe someone else would benefit from this.

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