8 Ways to Survive 6 More Weeks of Winter

Ever since Christmas was over, I have been ready for warmer weather. Unfortunately, it seems for that winter doesn’t reach its coldest until after Christmas. Anyway, I’ve somehow managed to get through January and according to Punxsutawney Phil, we got 6 more weeks of this miserable weather. So how in the world do the people who love sunshine get through these last few weeks?!

1. Make Plans for Summer

Planning ahead is great for a couple of reasons. It gets your mind off of the cold. If you focus more on summer, the bad winter thoughts will temporarily go away. All you need is a quick fix until the weather does start to warm up. Another reason is it makes less stress down the road when you want to do something big. I’m also planning to make a checklist of all the stuff I want to do this summer. I would encourage you to do the same. You can make a whole game out of it to make it even MORE fun!

Ever since Christmas was over, I have been ready for warmer weather. Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil says we got 6 more weeks of this cold winter.
This was the happiest moment of my life!

2. Find a New Swimsuit

I love bathing suits. I get a new one almost every year. Some years, I feel like I could spend money somewhere else. I am all for saving money. However, there’s a website called SammyDress.com that has super cute swimsuits for super cheap. I get my suits from there 98% of the time. They have so many to choose from with so many styles for a great price. That’s not really something you can get from the thrift store.

3. Make a Countdown

I love countdowns. I make a countdown for pretty much everything. Making a countdown and seeing how many days until the warmth hits makes it a lot easier to handle, at least for me. For some people, I think countdowns might make the warmth seemingly take longer. I would try it and see for yourself what you think. I love it. (It’s only 46 days until spring from when I posted this.)

4. Do Fun Winter Activities

Hopefully if it’s cold, there will be snow outside too. I know that around where I live, there’s no snow. If you don’t have snow, you can still enjoy winter. You just have to be creative. Drinking hot chocolate is great because it warms you up and it’s chocolate. It’s even better if you put a candy cane in it. Also cuddling on the couch and watching movies is a great way to spend the evening. If you DO have snow, that’s even better, because you can go sledding, make a snowman, etc. Watching Frozen might be a good thing to watch. Maybe Elsa’s tolerance to cold will rub off on you.

Ever since Christmas was over, I have been ready for warmer weather. Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil says we got 6 more weeks of this cold winter.

5. Do Something to Improve your Mood

Doing things for yourself is a good thing to do and it’s important for your own well-being regardless of the weather outside. Going to hang out with a group of friends is a fantastic way to improve your mood! You guys can go to a coffee shop or have a cozy night in. It’s really great either way. If you’re introverted like myself or just want to spend some time alone, then you could have a pamper night by yourself or do some online shopping! SammyDress is good for that too. They have a lot of great clothing for a really low price. If you’re on a budget, they’re the way to go. I get all my clothes from there or thrift stores.

6. Workout

I know this is going to be extremely difficult in the cold weather, but it really is beneficial to your health. It really does have an effect on your hormones and emotions as well as just getting into shape. I know that when I’m on a steady workout routine, my happiness level skyrocketed. You also get ahead on the beach body that you know you’re going to want when the sun comes back. Yeah, maybe it’s a little rough at first, but start small and work yourself up to your goal. Nobody says you have to wake up at 5AM, workout for 3 hours, and have your life together. But even just walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes is a great start.

7. Take a Small Vacation

Guys, if you’re just going crazy in all this cold and nothing is seeming to help, go on a little vacation! Go somewhere warm and let the sun beat down on your skin. Find a place where you can wear shorts and a tank top. Unfortunately, it’s not in my budget to do that. Otherwise I’d be right there with you (that’s why there’s 7 other things on this list). If you can afford it, go right ahead and I will be happy for you! Everyone needs a little vacation now and then anyway.

Ever since Christmas was over, I have been ready for warmer weather. Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil says we got 6 more weeks of this cold winter.

8. Try to Stay Positive

This is another one that is easier said than done. However, if you get rid of that negative Nancy attitude, you can only have a better one. The best way to do this is to focus on good things. Maybe you’re a natural pessimist and immediately jump to the down side of every situation. To be more of an optimist, you need to take more time to think and jump up to the up side of the situation. Yes, it’s cold, your skin is probably dry, and you have to put on 8,000 layers before you leave the house. Good news though, it won’t be like this forever (unless you live in Antarctica or something).

I hope this inspired you to get through this next 6 weeks. I know I am ready for hot weather. Unfortunately, we have to get through this cold stuff for just a little longer. We got through a lot already! What’s another 6 weeks? Let me know in the comments how you’re getting by the rest of this winter.


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