About Me

Hello! My name is Erin. It’s hard for me verbalize the true essence of myself. So I decided that the best way for you to get to know me is through pictures because as we all know, pictures are worth a thousand words. So here we go!

22 years ago, I was born weighing 10 lbs, 11 oz. Obviously I don’t remember day 1 of my life, but my mom does and she hasn’t let me forget how heavy I was. I believe I was just a couple of months old in this picture.

I grew up with only brothers until I was 8, so I was a lot like them. We would play outside together, whether it be tag or hide and seek. Sometimes we would play pretend in the back yard. I was really interested in rolly polly bugs, but occasionally we would find some critters a bit larger that I wouldn’t hesitate to play with. In fact I was probably having the time of my life here.

I also have a thing for giraffes. Ever since I was a little chunky baby, I liked them. The middle photo is when I went to Niger, Africa on a mission trip with my church and we saw giraffes in their natural habitat. The last picture was while I was visiting my family in upstate New York.

This picture sums up a few of my favorite things: mugs, Christmas, and warmth. I collect mugs because I enjoy having practical souvenirs that don’t cost a lot of money. Christmas is just wonderful in itself, but my favorite part is the cheer in the air. Then lastly, I just like to be cozy next to a fire. I hate being cold.

Here’s my family! They’re a weird bunch, but I love them to pieces. My parents are in the middle, then from oldest to youngest is Nathan (blue shirt and sunglasses), Simon (big guy in the middle), me, Benjamin (button down shirt), and Lilly (pink shirt). Some people ask if I like having a big family. I’d have to say the pros outweigh the cons.


I just wanted to point out my sister, because she’s also my best friend. We fight sometimes, but more often, we have fun together. It may be strange only because, like I implied earlier, we’re almost 9 years apart! It definitely doesn’t look like it. Many people think that we’re both in high school when, in fact, neither of us are. She’s just really great and I love her a lot, so I thought she deserved something extra special.



Well that just about sums up who I am and the people/things I love. Of course there’s more to me than what’s above, but you’ll get to know me the more time you spend on my website! I hope you enjoy yourself!